How many point do I need to complete the iDEA Silver Award?

To achieve the Silver Award, a learner must achieve 400 points or more. Each of the core categories of citizen, worker, maker, entrepreneur and gamer carry 100 points per Quest.

Each Quest has a Foundation level which has 20 points, an Activation level which has 30 points, and a Resolution level which has 50 points. With the Silver Award, learners must complete Foundation in order to unlock access to Activation, and complete Activation in order to unlock access to Resolution.

Completing the citizen category is mandatory to win the Silver Award, but participants can make up the remainder of the points by completing whichever three of the four remaining categories they choose. Anyone who wins 500 points by completing at least one Quest in each of the five categories qualifies as a Silver Award Star.

iDEA is also accrediting some Silver level Partner activities, experiences, workshops, events, competitions, tournaments and quests across all five categories which will earn learners points that can count towards the Silver Award.

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